The Erickson Family

“I’ve known Tim for years now and he has always helped me make the best choices when it comes to electronics. When our kids went off to college, he helped pick out the best laptops for each one of my two kids and showed them how to take care of them. That is the kind of above and beyond service you would expect from one of the best small businesses in Cary.”


“A couple of months ago, we had a crazy storm come through and blew out our power. We were lucky to make it through the storm, but our Samsung TV didn’t. We called them since it was under warranty and they sent Consumer Electronic Service out to our house. Steve, from Consumer Electronic took care of all of our paperwork, and within a few days, we had our TV back and working. Tim even adjusted all of our settings to make sure we were getting the most out of our TV and theatre system. Thank You.”


“I know I’m a NY Giants fan that is a long way from home. About a week before the Super Bowl, my beloved flat screen went out and I thought I was going to have to cancel my party and have to go somewhere else to watch my team play. I called Consumer Electronics and Steve told me that he had a tech in the area later that day and could have someone come out and take a look. About an hour later, Tim showed up and diagnosed my T.V and assured me he could get it repaired in time for the big game. Sure enough, with 3 days to spare, he came back and had everything set up perfectly. Only one thing made me happier that week than the fast and reliable service of Consumer Electronics, the Super Bowl Champ Giants.”


“I’ve been living in Cary for over 25 years now. Every time my TV, computer, or other electronic device has broken down, I’ve taken it to the same place: Consumer Electronic Service. They stand by their work and even offer great deals on electronics as well. Next time something comes up, or if I want to upgrade, I’m going to them first.”


“I was assigned Consumer Electronic Service by Samsung for an in-warranty repair. All the technicians and office staff that I spoke with were extremely nice and helpful. I had no complaints and I would use them for future repairs.”


“Yesterday, I called your facility to schedule an in-home service appointment. I spoke with Steve. He was polite and professional. He scheduled a service appointment for today and told me that your service representative would call before his arrival. Tim called me at about 1:45 this afternoon to alert me that he was only a few minutes away from my home. He soon arrived and was both very professional and knowledgeable. He quickly diagnosed my television problems and gave me quality information upon which I could make my repair decisions. I feel compelled, based upon my positive reaction to Tim and Steve, to send this message applauding your organization on the quality of your people. Thank you for smoothing the rough edges and making an otherwise unhappy experience much less intimidating.”


“I thought for sure my television was a goner. Not only did you fix it quickly but also reasonable price. Please pass along my sincere thanks to everyone at Consumer Electronic Service”